Interior Design


The subject matter of the consultation may be a minor or larger intervention in space, selection of materials or furniture,assessment of functionality and aesthetics or on another design component. We can arrange it in any form agreed by the client, either in person, in writing or online. More information on the consultation is available at


The conceptualsolution implies a draft of one of possible versions of the design of space with drafts, layout plan, proposal for the selection of furniture, materials, lighting solutions and other necessary interventions in space. The execution of draft is preceded by detailedanalysis and sketching of the existing condition, consultations with the client on his/herconceptual view of the space, and joint assessment of optimal versions and optional 3d visualization. The finalization of conceptual solution creates the conditions for development of the main design.


Ifthe client decides that our Studio implements the design of conceptual solution that we created for his/her space, we start designing of more detailed assessments of all the necessary interventions,primarily the construction works. After designing and compulsory consultations, the Studio will undertake all the necessary activities, from the collection of bids to the coordination of performances according to the design of conceptual solution. The client who contracts with the Studio the design of conceptual solution is not bound to accept the detailed solution. It can be entrusted to someone else or be made in  own arrangement.